New Album in works, no Gyro shows for a while

just to inform you, (the) yars are working on recording an album. It will be our first full length studio album, and we’ll hopefully actually do something with it, unlike with previous albums. We are recording the album ourselves this time; the recording studios have been both quite expensive and quite dissappointing so far. We are employing the help of Kyle. He has a mixing board. He had a dedicated digital recorder, but that broke, so we are now running the mixing board into my ibook through a powerwave. We tried using Audacity to record, but ran into many problems. I’m not sure if it was my computer or what. I’m gonna try out Apple’s Garagband. It looks promising. I’ll let you know when the album is made.

As another note, in mid-december, we played a show at our favorite venue, Europe Gyro. Some audience members brought in their own beer and left cans smashed on the floor. The owner of the place, Mike, got mad and is not allowing us or any other bands to play there until at least February, and even then he seems put off by the idea. We have no shows booked now, so who knows when we’ll play out next. Hopefully soon.