Done With School

I’m done at Kent finally. 4.5 years. I finished an internship up at the winking lizard, working mostly like normal, but learning a bit about management stuff and learning other positions in the kitchen. I’m now the proud owner of a BS (of course) in Hospitality Management. What does this mean? No more school. Finally. After 17.5 years, I no longer have to worry about assignments or tests or the like. For now, I’m continuing to work at the Lizard as I have been and working with my band (my band of musicians that is).

I’m now moved to my trailer as well, which is taking a bit of my time to fix up a bit. It was very drafty when I first moved in, so I’ve been working on sealing it up. I’ve put up the plastic sheets over several of my windows and caulked around the edges, and should finish that soon. I’ve also put tape on many other seams that were leaking. It’s improved noticeably. I keep the thermostat low, putting it at 50 to 55 when I’m away, 55 to 60 while I sleep, and 60 to 65 while I’m there and awake. Hopefully that’ll keep costs to a manageable level. I like the place and, for the most part, living alone. I can do as I please with the place, especially nice with the kitchen. I can also do as I please in the place. It does get a little lonely sometimes though, especially at night, and can be a bit boring. It’s a big place for one person, so I have plenty of room to utilize. I’ll be able to do projects and stuff that I can just leave sitting.

The weather has been very strange lately, even for Ohio. It’s mid-January and 60 degrees. That’s crazy. I cycled to work yesterday to celebrate. I’ll have to get used to that ride, as I’ll be doing it all the time when it’s warm enough.