The Pope died

I’m not a Catholic, even a Christian, or even a theist. However, the day the pope died brought some interesting weather. There was a quite cold and very strong wind carrying some cold rain. It was cold in the middle of a rather warm period. Going outside was generally miserable and to be avoided. The wind was so strong that night that my electricity was flickering on and off, making it the worst i’ve seen since I’ve moved into my trailer. I was somewhat worried the power would go out and stay out, as it’s my source of heat in my very cold house. Overnight it snowed, though it had seemed like the snow was definately done for the year. It wasn’t just a short last revisit of the snow; it was a complete snow cover of five or six inches. It was enough that I wanted to go sledding. The next day I was to work, so I decided that if the snow was still on the ground on Monday, I’d go sledding one last time. Unfortunately for me, the next day, like the day before that day, was warm and sunny, and the snow melted well before the day was over. Interestingly enough, that had happened earlier this year: snowed on Saturday, I planned to sled on Monday, snow melted Sunday during the day.