New Halfstack

After a bit of trouble getting a bass we let someone borrow and fixing up Frankenstack (our makeshift stack Dwight was using made from his Leem portable amp running two large speakers from our old PA), we finally got Dwight a new, regular amp head and halfstack. We traded in the old Mexican Fender bass we got from one of our floormates in Clark over two years ago; the old, almost functioning PA we bought from the music store where Dwight had got his guitar lessons years ago; and Dwight’s former favorite amp, his Leem. This, with a little extra cash, got him a used 100 watt (I believe) Fender amp head and a half stack of four 12″ speakers. The bass traded for double what me and Dwight paid for it, while the PA went for less than a third.

I haven’t seen the new stack yet, but I hear it’s both quite loud and light. At 20% volume, it is about as loud as we’d normally have it for practice. It’s lighter and smaller than the frankenstack, and even has wheels, so it’ll be much easier to transport. It was quite a pain to carry the big speakers of frankenstack around and fit them into Dwights truck.