ECC show cancelled, as well as band practices

Sorry for the cancellation if anybody was even coming out to see us tonight. I was a bit sick earlier this morning, with flu-like symptoms and vomit. Other bands are taking our place for the night. We will continue playing at the ECC for Yars nights, though they will become bi-weekly now that school is out (for KSU).

On another note, I guess our current practice location at Rockwood’s dad’s house is no longer available. Last Friday, I was a bit tired for practice. After practice, Dwight wanted to play some basketball. My car was in the way of the hoop, so he wanted me to move it out of the way. I wanted to just go home and sleep. After arguing a bit with Dwight, I decided to move the car and stay for a bit. I’m not very good at close quarters manuevering, especially in reverse, in my new car for some reason (the Camry is bigger than my old Grand Am, which I was fairly good with), and this was a bit of a tricky manuever. I backed up, trying to be careful to not let my front tires turn into the lawn while making sure the rear didn’t hit the porch or either of the cars there. I realized I wasn’t going to make it, so I pulled forward and then back again sharper. This time I was worried that my front tires did indeed run over the lawn a bit, which I thought was confirmed when Rockwood’s dad popped out of the house and angrily asked what I was doing. I said I was moving the car out of the way, but he said that I was tired and was going home. So he and Dwight moved their cars, allowing me to go home.

Later that week, Dwight called me and told me that I had hit the porch during that manuevering. I was totally unaware, but evidently my front tire bumped into it and broke a small piece off. Rockwoods dad hadn’t noticed it at first either, so he was quite mad when he found out. He thought we were trying to hide it from him. He told Rockwood we couln’t practice there anymore. I’m gonna have to call him up tomorrow or so. At there very least, I’ll have to attempt to fix whatever was broken there. I’ll also have to see if I can convince him to let us practice there again, as we will elsewise not have a good place to practice: Dwight lives in an apartment and the neighbor doesn’t like us playing while she is at home, usually after five or six on weekdays and all day on weekends; I live in a trailer where the neighbors are rather close as well, and the rules stipulate no music rehearsal. We’ll find a place if need be, but it’d be much easier to practice at one of our places, where we could leave the equipment.