Practice at the Khameleon

John’s dad disliked the idea of us playing at his house anymore, so with a little luck and perseverance, Dwight got us a practicing slot at the Club Khameleon every Friday, 5-8. That’s almost our old practice time-slot. We do have to move our equipment back and forth though (we can still store it in John’s garage, luckily) so it’ll be a bit more efforted. At least shows won’t seem quite as bad then.

Our first practice at the Khameleon went quite well. We played through our songs with the not-so-perfect sound on stage at most shows. Since there were a few folk listening to us, it was actually sort of like a show, but much more laid back. I think the practice will actually be better for us than at a house.

Right after our practice, a storm rolled in. It was pouring and we had to run our equipment out to the truck in the rain. Got a little wet, and so did our equipment, but I think all survived just fine.

If anyone wants to watch us practice, you can, Fridays 5-8; just expect a few more slip-ups and longer breaks between songs.