mobile phone expired

I have one of those prepay type mobile phones, where you pay money in each period of time and then have that money to spend in calls as long as you keep paying. I was a day late in trying to pay, so my previous balance was lost. I had about $83.95 before that, part of which was the leftovers from a $75 card I got when I purchased the phone. I don’t use the phone all that much, since I have a phone at home that is much cheaper to use. I am just going to discontinue the service, as I no longer have a major insentive to use it. I was going to keep paying in the $15 a month just because I had such a high balance, making it an almost unlimited use phone for that price, but that is now gone. My land phone works for my calls, and I believe I can still make 911 calls from the phone if needed. Maybe once I can figure out how to get broadband internet for cheap without the need for a land-line, I’ll go solely to the cell phone with one of the cheap plans (I think there are good ones for like $20 a month), which I find much nicer in so many ways compared to a land phone (able to use ‘anywhere’, free caller id, free voice-mail, built in speed-dial that only really expensive land phones can come close to). So you can probably say goodbye to 4729782.