Mimi’s hair

Every other Thursday, I take my grandma, who we call Mimi, out to get her hair done. She lives in a retirement type home, and the hair dresser at the one she lives at isn’t nearly as good as the one she used to live at, so she needs somebody to transport her over there. I go home or do something else while she gets her hair done, then I come back and we go out to eat at Park’N’Eat, El Rincon, or some other place.

She hasn’t been in the best of health for years now; that’s why she’s in a retirement home. She had a stroke a while back that has eventually led to her inability to walk. Last night, she went to the hospital, as she was having irregular heat beats. She felt very weak. They gave her some medication and are going to run some tests. Because of this, she will not be going to the hair dressers today. I’m hoping she’ll get better soon here. She’s getting fairly old now; wouldn’t want to stop a good thing.