joey and vince

went out on the pw with my cousins joey and vince, as well as Paul. We all met at Paul’s the night before sos we could wake up early and get plenty of time on the water. We didn’t wake up early; Joey woke us up at 9:30. We ate breakfast and went out to sail, all squeezed into the big truck we’ve been towing with; Paul’s car needs the wire attachments for the lights on the trailer. We took care of setting everything up; Joe and Vince were just a long for the ride. We put up the boom as well as the mast this time in the parking lot. We set out on the river, which had ripples from the stiff wind, towards the lake. Large waves poured into the mouth of the river, and we knew it would be rough. We considered turning back, but decided to press on and see what it was like. The waves on the lake were mighty rough for the small boat, making it very difficult to manuever; the motor and rudder popped out of the water with each large wave. The bow would sometimes crash down nearly into the water. We were a bit worried of a capsize, though after a couple of waves we figured that was unlikely. We decided it was well too rough to put up even one sail. After a while of motoring around, we headed back to port. It was still rough until we made it well past the break wall. We passed by a group of young kids paddling along on kayaks. Docking was a little more difficult than last time: the trailer was angled and we had trouble getting the keel into position. Vince called his dad and found out there was 3 to 5 foot waves and a small craft advisory. We headed back. Paul gave me the drivers seat once we were near his house so I could practice trailoring. It wasn’t too bad on straight roads, except I tended to hug the yellow lines. Turns were a bit more difficult, and even by the end I had trouble turning wide enough but not too wide. Backing the trailer into a spot at Paul’s house was quite difficult, and after several attempt, I got it in a bit crookedly. Since we didn’t get to actually sail, I’m hoping we’ll get to go out again sometime soon. Next week we’ll probably go with the Shury boys (Joe and Vince) again.