clear but windy

Went out again. Looks like this’ll be a weekly thing on Wednesdays, as I always have the day off for the Wednesday night Yars shows. This trip was just me and Paul. We both had strangely woken up at 06:00, the same time we woke up last week. I only got maybe four hours of sleep. We also both went onto AIM and talked to each other. So we decided to go sailing, and I headed over. We put up the sails while in the parking lot, which proved much easier than on the boat. The lake was about as calm as possible, with almost no waves at all, yet there was a good stiff wind coming from the north. It gave us plenty of power to speed around with. It is much easier to manuever around and set the sails properly with a good stiff wind. We started off heading toward Avon, but saw a mysterious tall colorful object far off shore that we decided to sail toward. It turned out to be the colorful spinaker of a larger sailboat. We then took turns single-handedly manuevering around. We did some figure eights around two buoys.

There were many other sailboats on the water. A large group of them were from some sort of sailing school. Lots of little kids in varying sizes of small sailboats were practicing manuevering around while instructors sped around in motor boats whistling at them. After a while, they all went in. Many other sailboats were going out and coming in as well. The Lager, a rather large sailboat, motored pretty far out and then motored back in, never setting sail.

We were a bit worried about storms coming, as they were predicted for later in the day, but the sky was quite clear. After a while, most of our wind died down and became very intermitent. We decided to go back in. We took down both the sails and the boom before heading in. I motored down the river for a bit, but there was lots of traffic. Another group of sailboats was headed out from the school, so there were sailboats sailing and being pulled by motorboats all over the one side of the river. There were also a couple of other motor boats, and then came along what must have been a school of young kayakers going perpendicular to us. This made for tough manuevering, so Paul took over.

A nice trip. I like manuevering around; probably the funnest part of it all. We were going to change the oil of our engine, as it has reached the break-in hours for the first batch of oil, but it looked too much like it would rain. Later we shall.