mrs mouse

I have a friendly visitor to my house. She’s small, brown, and furry. I’ve seen her three times now. The first, I was sitting on the toilet, and she ran from behind it past my feet. It startled me a bit. Later, I saw her walking by my bedroom door. When she saw me, she ran back again. Later that night, I saw her run past my bedroom door the other way, so she must have snuck past at some point. She was in the kitchen end of the house, but I searched all my limited selection of stored food and found no possibilities of entry by a small rodent. She may have simply eaten crumbs off the floor or from around my toaster. I’d prefer not to have a mouse in my house, so I’m trying to get rid of all possible food sources for her in hopes that she’ll have to go elsewhere to eat. I’ve temporarily moved most food items she’d likely be interested in to places that’d be quite hard or even not especially possible for her to reach. I’d prefer to remove her and prevent her comrades from moving in by eliminating the habitat mice are looking for. I’ll do some research to figure out the best way soon