lakewood class of 2000 folk

I went to Lincoln Elementary and, for sixth grade only, to Horace Mann Middle School. Those were some great years and I knew lots of cool people. Lots of things happened in my life then that made me who I am today. I really miss those days and all the fun I had. Some recent searching through various things I still have from then, after seeing a girl who looked like someone I had known, brought back many good memories. I had not thought much about that time period for many years.

When I moved away, things seemed to change for the worse. The shy person that I am, I had lots of trouble adjusting to the move from elementary school to middle school. Lots of my friends went to another middle school or had classes in a totally different part of the school. There were also lots of new people there, and classes were done much differently, with a teacher for each subject instead of one for most of them. One of my best friends had moved several blocks away and also was attending that other middle school. I was much more socially cut off than I had been during the elementary years. Then I moved to a new home. Suddenly, all of those people were completely gone, and everybody was totally new. I got one friend easily, because he was my neighbor. I had too much trouble reaching out to anyone else. I went through school hardly talking to anyone at all, except the one neighbor. He went to a private high school, so I then had nobody at school. I’ve never recovered socially from that, and currently have virtually no friends. I lack the social skills to gain any.

I’d like to contact some of you folk who were my friends then, at least to hear what had happened after I left. Phil Nash, David and Rena McCray, and Ian Howard were all my best friends back then. Some of my favorite times were with you. I had a bit of a ‘crush’ on Rena. Joey Machol, Morgan Bishop, and Ryan Overman were also good friends. There were lots of other really cool people as well. Angie Bowers was the girl I thought I saw at a recent show of my bands. I didn’t get a chance to ask her if it was her: I’m of course rather shy; I have a poor memory and was unsure if I remembered correctly ; I also wanted to wait until after the bands were done, but she left before then.

I tried to find information on some of you on the internet, but that never seems to succeed well. All I found were a few stories in the high school newspaper with quotes from Rena or written by Ian.

If any of you folk, especially if you remember me, would like to contact me, that’d be really cool. I feel this awful, melancholy feeling right now that what was once my life and joy has disappeared forever, leaving only a few pictures and papers and some faded memories.