accident and dead deer

My ride to band practice was both long and interesting today. The traffic was awful on the way there. I was in two seperate sets of stop and go traffic. Both times it took me somewhere around 10 minutes to go perhaps a half mile. The second traffic jam was caused by an accident on Graham Road. There were lots of emergency vehicles surrounding it, taking up two lanes of the four lane road, so traffic had to be averted into one lane of the other side of the road. It took a while for that to happen, so there was lots of waiting. As I drove past, I couldn’t see what happened, with all the emergency vehicles in the way, but I did see a stretcher with a group of people around it. They had very blank expressions on their face, so I couldn’t tell what was happening very well. I will have to look for some sort of news about the accident; I’d like to be able to find out about the accidents I actually see.

A little further on down Graham, the traffic was still pretty bad. A couple of cop cars drove by, one with flashers. I stopped at a traffic light. The road was clear on my side of the road but only partially on the other. A little fawn, of whom I have no idea how it got into that residential side of the road at that time of day, made a made dash to get accross. It was really flying. The cars on my side had been stopped, so they just didn’t accelerate fast and were able to avoid it. On the other side, a red car of some sort must not have seen the little thing speeding across and ran right into it. The fawn flew forward relative to the car a bit, flailing about, as well as forward in its direction of movement, so that it arrived right in front of a truck that stopped in time to avoid it and soon fell to the pavement. The red car sped along past, while the truck driver sat looking down at it. It seemed to happen so fast, yet take a long time. From a bit back, I thought the fawn was not badly injured and wondered why it wasn’t getting up. As I went past, however, I saw a large pool of blood that looked like it eminated from its nose. Not something I like to see. A frantic young life cut off. I drove past, so I don’t know what became of the deer or the truck driver sitting there looking at it. Damn red car driver.