Dwight’s new ride

Dwight got a new car. It was amazingly new, being only three years old. His previous two cars were quite old and in bad shape, the very reason both were dumped. His car is very new and shiny looking. The engine compartment even looks clean and nice, with everything in there seemingly designed with a neat appearance in mind. The car is a Ford Focus station wagon. Despite it being a car instead of a truck, it fits the equipment quite nicely. Theres not quite as much room as the truck; it can fit our regular equipment, but not extraneous equipment that we occasionally need to take such as the Rogue PA for our vocals, and it can fit at best two people with one being rather uncomfortable, instead of three with one being slightly uncomfortable. It was quite surprising. It even actually fits Pickles, Rockwood’s speaker cabinet, better, as it has more head room. The cabinet can be slid straigh in instead of tilted and then slid in like we had to do with the truck, making it much easier to do. The doors on the side provide easier access to stuff near the front, so I don’t even have to climb in at all. It is lower to the ground as well, making it easier to reach in. Awesome.