Mrs mouse is missing

Mrs mouse would frequently sneak over to my kitchen, finding bits of food to eat. I’ve been moving all the food I can to places difficult for her to reach and I swept the floor to get rid of crumbs there. A couple of nights ago, I made a late dinner, at perhaps 200 or 300. For part of that, she was in there. Every time I’d go nearby where she was, she’d zip accross to a hiding place. Then, when I’d go sit down at the table for a while to eat, she’d sneak back out.

Perhaps the declining levels of available food combined with my increased presence in the kitchen during her meal times led her to decide to move to a new home, because I haven’t seen her for several days now. I’ll still keep an eye out for her; perhaps she’s changed her schedule to work around the times I’m not there better. I do hope she’s gone though, and has find a better, more inviting home. I don’t want to find a decaying mouse body hidden underneath the bath tub when I’m doing some plumbing underneath there.