I’m back (from Scotland that is)

Ah, back home. I had an enjoyable trip for sure.

The plane trip was quite long. The first leg was in a smaller plane, then the second in a big one. As my first experiences in big planes, they were nice. There were some nice views on both, which I tried to capture with my camera. The windows were dirty though and made for not too clear photos. There was a nice sunset and sunrise and interesting cloud formations, as well as the stuff on the ground. It was amazing how quick Kelley’s Island came into view after leaving Cleveland. Lots of waiting at lines and terminals in airports. I had to empty my bag (my carryon contained all my luggage, the only way to travel if possible) at one airport at the security check, but not at any other.

We took an introduction to Scotland tour to show us the main stuff. It went from mid Sunday to early Friday morning. We were bussed about to various attractions, and our lodging and many meals were included with the tour.

I will continue my story later…