Heavy little waves

Went out again, just Paul and myself. The end of the sailing season is approaching, so we’ll have to get our last sails in soon. We went out later in the day, as Paul had to work in the morning and be indentured into a union. The waves didn’t look big at all, but they rocked the boat around a lot, so much so that we decided to not really sail. We put up only the jib. It was quite windy though, so we cruised along at quite a good clip, especially for not having the main up. We then anchored down, tied our life-vests to ropes, and went for a good swim. The boat was rocked about a lot without us on it, and the jib halyard freed itself and swung about, eventually wrapping around the mainstay. As I am a very poor swimmer, I got some practice in at how to properly propel oneself through water, with the help of Paul. I’m slowly getting better at it. After a good long bit of swimming about, we went back aboard. Paul wanted to organize the stuff in the cabin, and had bought a plastic bin to help. Trying to do it while being rocked about on the lake was difficult though, so we motored back in to the river and did it while docked. The organization helped the cabin look much more clean and spacious. Then we docked at the docking dock and pulled her out. I evidently lost a little dealy for connecting the boom sheet tackle to the boom, but I don’t even remember it being there. I seem to be causing trouble at these pulling out points recently. We then went to Chipotle. I was going to see the Yars play at the ECC, but it was too late to make it all the way to Kent, and they had a show Friday anyway.