Mrs mouse is still in the house

Despite what I had thought, Mrs mouse is still here. She just had been hiding much better than before. I saw her sneak passed my room a couple days after writing my ‘missing’ entry. I’ve heard and seen her several times since then. Once, when my brother was visiting (the first time in months), we saw her in my back room. She must have been hiding in there amongst all the junk. I’ve also seen her several times in the kitchen. I found that she had been eating from a bag of flour I had in a closed cupboard that I never use. The cupboard shelves have spaces around them, allowing easy traversal up and down the entire set (for a mouse anyway). I removed the flour and several other items I felt she might like to eat. Today she is being extremely outgoing, making noise and rummaging through food while I’m in the same room. Whenever I come up to her, she sits for a second, as if trying to hide by lack of movement, then scurries away. She appears to have attempted to eat some baking soda. Then she moved on to some candy. I’m trying to remove all food sources, hoping she’ll get the hint that I don’t want her there. Perhaps her long periods of not being seen are actually due to her visiting other houses or food sources. I’m hoping for this, as it’ll make it more likely for her to give up at my place. My table is covered in food right now, as she can’t reach that. I’ve also got several more closed cupboards filled with food. She’d have to chew her way through them to get that food, which I’m hoping she won’t do. I also have some cans and jars easily accessable. She could chew throught those, though I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll remove them if need be. I had some sugar drink mixes on a top shelf, one I once thought impenitrable by her, though I removed other things just in case, but she seemed to be trying to chew through the wall there, so I removed that as well. I don’t care for damage to my house. I have some croutons and some sugar drink mixes on a box on my fridge, which she seems to have not been able to achieve yet. Theres chips and other snacks on a shelf that would seem fairly accessable, as it is low to the ground and a simple slide out drawer, but it has walls against all four sides when the door is closed. Scraps of fruit and other stuff that I sometimes leave out to be put in the compost she doesn’t go for, though they’re right in the open, so she is certainly targetting only certain foods.

Mrs. mouse is a very nice looking mouse, very clean like a pet mouse. She’s gray with a white belly. She has big, curious looking eyes. She still looks quite healthy.