Jesse’s leaving

I saw the Yars play at Club Khameleon last Friday. The show also included Kill the Hippies, Aviatik, and Drop to Zero, all bands with a sizable local following. Dwights dad and dad’s girlfriend came in early on in the Yars set, and his mom came in halfway through the last song (she had had to park far away and walk). Dwight had to retune his new guitar several times during the show. This new guitar was a slightly more expensive one that the new guitar he had just bought; he returned it as it couldn’t keep its tuning. It’s another of the pointy sort. Dwight made out with some chick while Drop to Zero was playing.

I had worn my kilt in from my recent trip to Scotland. It garnered a bit of attention, but most from Jackie Stuart, a girl I didn’t know but had seen before at previous Aviatik shows. She was quite excited that I had gone to Scotland, as she was part Scottish as well. I talked with her for a bit after the show about my trip (rare, me talking to someone other than Dwight or John). Dwight is going to make a sitcom written by a member of Aviatik based on his moving in with two lesbian couples. I’ll have to see how that gos. The guy seems funny, so hopefully he will be in his writing as well. I drove Dwight’s mom down to her car and we went to Taco Silver’s. We were going to then go to Rockwood’s, but it was late, so I didn’t join them.

Though Jesse was just getting the songs down, he is going to be leaving the Yars. Jesse needs to get good grades in school, so he is quitting all of his bands to ensure success. He will play at the ECC this week and the November 30th show if needed, but none other. Those ECC shows will be hard to continue. They worry a string of drummers will now come and go. They do have another drummer lined up, however. This drummer will play for the Yars, and his other band will practice at John’s house. His other band is pop style punk. They would probably end up playing at Yars shows. Hopefully something’ll work out for them.

John has expressed concern that going to school, working, and playing for the Yars will be a challenge in scheduling and having enough time.

Dwight and John plan to play an acoustic set at the ECC soon, and have invited me to play with them. I will, mainly because I really want to see John play his upright bass. That’ll be awesome. I’ll just do some simple, light stuff with brushes and a partial kit.