Mouse capture

Mrs. Mouse is dead. She somehow managed to fall into a bucket of water I had sitting around and drown. Awful way to go, in my opinion. I was glad to get the body out of my house; it wasn’t something I liked looking at. I poured her with the water onto my lawn, and she is presumably eaten at this point.

Before she died, I began to become aware that there was more than one mouse. I wasn’t sure of how many, but at least two. I’d see a shadow zip by while I heard chewing elsewhere. I didn’t let them chew long; I’d pound the wall where they were chewing until they stopped. I don’t want my house chewed up.

Last night, I ventured out to Walmart because I really wanted to get rid of my mouse problem once and for all. I examined all of their traps. They had a variety of kill traps and a couple of live traps. I of course wanted live. They had some fancy looking ones for an unknown price, but I settled on some cheap plastic one’s, a box with a door that only opens one way. I wasn’t sure if the mouse would be fooled into going through the door to get the food.

I set two traps up with cheese crackers in them, and put little crumbs near the entrance. That night, the mouse came out, right near me. He kept creeping up and then running back. He snuck the crumbs only from the trap, then snuck around elsewhere. The next day, I worked all day, then celebrated my brothers birthday. I didn’t get home till 2200 or so. I came home to find a little mouse in one of the traps.

I had luckily just brought a tank home from my parents house. I cleaned it, put some paper and a can in it, then let the mouse into it. Mr. Mouse doesn’t seem to want to remain in the tank, and has jumped up and walked around upside down on the mesh lid numerous times. He keeps looking at me from time to time. I have the cracker, some cake, and broccoli in there for him, and he’s eaten much of the cracker already. I fear that he’ll eventually just hop onto the lid and chew through to escape. I dunno if I’ll keep him, even if I’ll be able to. I may just release him off in a forest. He appears to be a white footed mouse, as he has the white undercarraige and makes a buzzing noise from time to time, so he should be quite at home there. He’ll certainly be happier than living in a cage, and I’ll be happier without having to worry about him.