Server running again, ibook back

My ibook’s logic board failed for the second time since I got it. The failure is a common problem among certain ibook’s, so the board was replaced free.

When I first took it in to the Apple Store (my first visit to one by the way), the guy said it’d cost like $300 because it looked like I spilled something on it. There had been, but it was a long time ago and before the first logic board was replaced. I had been worried then, but they replaced it no problems. I was a bit angry at the apple store at that point and unsure of what would become of my ibook.

I decided to call the same number I had called the first time (then it was shipped from home, in a box provided by apple). The guy seemed familiar with the problem, and had me hold down the power button for 30 seconds with no power connected, then zap the PRAM. It started up fine, though I had since the problem started not been able to get past the login screen, and usually got no video at all. He told me just to take it to the apple store if something went wrong, and gave me a case number.

After two days, it froze up and wouldn’t start again. I tried the same routine he had me do, but to no avail. I cleaned it up a bit and took it back to the apple store. There was a different guy there, more talkative and friendly, who sent it in for me this time. Phew.

I watched the progress on the apple site. It was done the next day. It shipped back a little slower, but was with me only four days after first taking it in. That’s mighty fast for sure, and all free. It sucks that the logic boards fail on these computers, but at least apple takes care of it quickly and freely. Unfortunately, Their program will expire for my model soon, so this’ll be the last time. I probably have perhaps a year left with it, as it has gone thus far. Hopefully the next computer will be a little more reliable. Hopefully I’ll have money for it when the time comes.

They replaced both the logic board and the keyboard. Bonus. Sweet.

So the server is back up again, not that anyone but search bots and hacker bots visit it anyway.