Building an Online Shopping Cart

I’ve completed another certificate, my first since starting my solo lynda account. This one was titled Building an Online Shopping Cart. I don’t really have experience with eCommerce yet. I worked with the forms and some of the database information at my RPM internship, but the actual processing was already built and out of site, and all I was doing was modifications to something that existed.

The course had a fair amount of good information for doing eCommerce. It did kinda focus on Cartweaver a lot, which is unfortunate considering that I don’t do Coldfusion and don’t really have a desire to. The basic concepts of that could be applied to any shopping cart application though. It also didn’t go into enough detail for me about the specifics of working with gateways/processors or, to a lesser extent, SSL certificate companies. I will definitely have to actually do one to truly understand how to do it and what options there are.

Anyway, I think knowing this could easily help in getting a job or maybe a freelance project. Then I’d get some actual experience which will really help getting more.