Samba: Another Freelance Project

Yay! I’ve got another freelance project now, and this one I’ll actually get paid for. It won’t be much pay, I gave them a very low price, but it sounds like I will get paid more from this job in the future: They want me to be their go-to guy for updating the site and new features. They will probably have me do things like update dates and add images, so it may be like an hour a month or something, not a lot, but something.

So finally, the project is for Samba Soccer Club, a small Cleveland youth soccer club. I got the lead from Ronda Leffel, the coordinator of the eBusiness program I was in at Tri-C. I met with them Saturday at Baker’s Square to talk the project over.

They had a site at one point, but let that lapse, and now want a completely new site, from scratch. They still have the URL, so they will just have to get a host and transfer it, or however that works (I’ve never done it yet). I’m going to have to do a bit of research on hosts for them, but I might suggest they just let me manage their site on my hosting account. I’ve not done this before, but it sounds like Dreamhost‘s version of reselling is just letting us create users for our clients and bill them ourselves. They shouldn’t have too much traffic, so this should work fine.

The site will probably have a fairly large number of pages, but they will be fairly simple, at first. Just basic club info plus pages for each team, including schedules and tournament info.

They do want a forum though, which I will build and launch separately, considering the amount of work that will require. bbPress may be the best way to go for this: It seems to be the only forum app that integrates users with WordPress “easily”, though not without issues. I am also considering building one into WordPress by modifying an already built forum “package” for Pods CMS. I will have to look into it, not sure what sort of features, et cetera it has: doesn’t seem to have search.

I’ve been working on design ideas, not my strength, so it’s taking me a while. I’m charging too little to bring Jason, the designer, in on this one. The design probably won’t end up being fancy, but I’ll see what I can pull off: I felt the Yars design I did a while back turned out pretty good, though I did get some help from the client on that one.

Hopefully this project will go smoothly, turn out good, and work out well for me, including the future work I will have on it.