Class Reunion: Ten Years

I had my high school ten year class reunion just on Saturday, for those of us who graduated from Woodridge in 2000. We had it at the Lion’s Lodge (or something like that, my first time there) in Cuyahoga Falls. It was organized by classmate Rebecca Gerstenberger (now Setty).

The turnout was very low. I think 10-15 classmates plus some spouses and kids showed up. That’s from a pool of around 91 classmates. I have to wonder how many normally come to these things. One made it from Texas, the rest were pretty local. There was even a girl from my brother’s class who’m I had worked with at the Lizard for a while and even went on GOBA with once, so in a way I knew her better than my classmates. She was married to someone from my class.

I did miss the “second part” of the shindig though, held at the Wing Warehouse or something like that. It was set up after the original event was and there were more likely other people there. I had to feed and walk my parents’ dogs though. They probably could have waited for me to at least appear for a bit at the second part: Oh well.

A few people I didn’t recognize at first (John Parker looks very different with short hair and beard and several more years), but most people looked pretty similar or just a bit older and more heavy set.

I got to talk for a bit with several of the people who showed up, but not in depth, and there were a number I didn’t talk to at all. With the ones I talked to, it was mostly a “hi there, what are you up to these days, I’m …” kind of thing, and then I fell back to my usual quiet sitting and listening. John Rummel happened to be a web developer like me, working with ASP.NET on a company’s intranet: I talked to him briefly about it, but not much more of a conversation than with others really. I guess developers don’t get together though for coding parties or anything like that. It seems like I won’t be seeing any of those folk for another ten years though. I might hear an occasional bit of news on The Facebook, but that seems to be it.

I was somewhat hopeful this event could change things. Seems like things are made to keep me on this path.