The Facebook With Friends

Only one day after my initial post about The Facebook, I got my first friend request. It was a Woodridge person, and one that I hadn’t talked to that much in the later years there (as if I really talked to anyone there much). Since that first “friend”, I’ve continued to receive a fairly steady stream. Most have been from Woodridge, but I’ve gotten one from my Tri-C days and one from my Winking Lizard days. Perhaps a that’s a sign of just how much less present I was after Woodridge.

I currently have 26 “friends” there. A number of them I haven’t even communicated with, just “friended”. Many of them, like my first “friend”, I hadn’t talked to much in the later years. I’ve had three people from another class and one teacher “friend” me even. I’ve made two friend requests now. One was after my recent high school reunion, where I saw my first real love, who I hadn’t seen in about six years. She said to contact her on The Facebook, so I did. The other happens to be another girl I was/slightly-am-still in love with from the Winking Lizard. I’m pretty sure she never wants to contact me again, but she was “suggested” by that Lizard person who did “friend” me. She hasn’t responded yet, and I guess I don’t get a message if she doesn’t want to be my friend: Oh well.

So far it seems like, for me anyway, The Facebook is a place where you contact old friends with brief messages of “how are you, haven’t seen you in a while” when you first “friend” them, then you probably won’t message them for a year or two. As I said, some I haven’t even contacted yet. I’m making it a point to contact everybody though, just at a comfortable pace. They shouldn’t be my “friend” if I don’t contact them at least once I’d think (probably more would seem most right).

I don’t know if this Facebook will really amount to anything for me. The discussions have been brief and mostly provided me with little hope of even increasing the number of people I regularly communicate with, let alone real world friends. One a number of recent events or things in my life I had hope for but have proven to just be the same old thing. I think the problem is me