My new resumé site

Well, I finally did it. After several years of effort, I finally released a new version of my CV / resumé site. How did I accomplish such a difficult task? Let me tell you, it was not easy. There was the desire to accomplish perfection that I did not have enough time for in my day job, to make everything organized and set up in the best possible way, that I might be able to draw from for other sites. There was the want to learn new things that I don’t use at work that might be useful or at least give me ideas and be important to know for my career in general. And, of course, there was the fatigue from doing very similar work for long periods of time at my actual job, and working on some of the more general use projects I work on on github.

I spent countless hours reading about different best practices and methods. I researched and tried several different frameworks / CMSs. I built and rebuilt my site numerous times in different ways. I played with different design, development, and content ideas, and was not entirely satisfied that any was the best.

Finally, I decided I needed to launch, even if I wasn’t done and didn’t do things ‘perfectly’. So that’s what I did. And what did I launch after all this effort? I launched a very simple, one page site with barely any styling, using WordPress and an incomplete theme base I was working on.

One might see this as a step backward from the previous four page site running on a custom built framework and a real layout. But at least I have a site that takes into account the past four years of my career. The content is updated. It is organized more like my current practices. It is responsive (in nearly the simplest way possible, but I plan to do more with it).

It is not nearly as much as I want it to be, but I plan to continue working on it, adding more content and features and improving the practices and organization used. I plan to make several clone sites using other frameworks / CMSs so I can learn them and compare implementation details. And even if I don’t, at least it is launched.