GiveCamp 2016 done

GiveCamp 2016 is over. Another successful year. The new Cleveland Garlic Festival site is live. I didn’t do much on the site the final day besides for fix some URLs and move some files to help with the launch. I did break away to help another team fix some issues with image sliders on the homepage. Not just any team, but one doing some updates to the Cleveland GiveCamp website. I don’t believe those changes are live yet though. During this, I got to work a little while with my cousin’s friend Dara for the first time.

As usual this year, I recognized a number of people from previous years. My project manager was a project manager from a couple years ago. I talked to several of the people I’ve worked with in the past and have seen multiple years. There is definitely a networking aspect to the event. Some of the people I see at meetups and other events.

I disassembled my tent early just to be sure the broken pole wouldn’t work a hole in my rain fly. Gonna have to figure out a fix for that. Ants were unusually interested in my rain fly, and I got plenty of them on me while working on and disassembling the tent. Had to brush them off as I went.

The event ends in a presentation that includes each group presenting their sites. There is a time limit per group, but with 20ish groups, it always is long, exacerbated by the tiredness felt at that point. This year included some technical difficulties that stretched out the beginning and shortened the time for each group. I often feel like I would like to see more in depth what each team has done, yet the whole thing feels too long for my tired self as is.