10k Apart

I have spent much of my free time the last 12 days working on a project for the 10k Apart challenge. 10k Apart is a challenge to make a compelling progressively enhanced, accessible site with 10 KB or less of initial payload per page (more can be lazy-loaded). I decided to build an implementation of Conway’s Game of Life, which I had wanted to do since going to a Code Retreat a while back.

Because this project had certain design goals and was disconnected from my normal projects, I got to play with various ideas around performance, progressive enhancement, organization, build process, etc. It was fun, though stressful at times, in part because of the scrutiny it will eventually bear and because I was dealing with some things I don’t normally deal with. I will hopefully write some details at a later date.

There is still more that I would like to do with it, but I finally got it to a point where I could live with it being done. I submitted my entry and am awaiting a response about it being deployed. The code is up on GitHub, and I will link to the running site once it is up.