10k Apart: Notable Mention

Awesome: The 10k Apart voting is done and my entry ended up as one of 12 “Notable Mentions”, the third / lowest level of prize. I figured I didn’t have much chance at the four top level prizes, but when I heard there were around 400 entries, I kinda felt it’d be hard to get even the lowest level. So I’m pretty happy that my effort was recognized and they approved of some of my ideas and techniques.

I believe I get digital copies of Adaptive Design and the A Book Apart Briefs, which will be cool. They look interesting, and I’ll be able to read them on my Kobo.

Another nice thing about the voting being complete is that there is a much more reasonable number of entries to take a closer look at. With 400, it’s really hard to get a good look at the details of each, but with 16, I can look pretty closely and see what ideas may be useful in my own work.