Almost 7 years later and I still occasionally have dreams about working at the Winking Lizard. I just awoke from one where I had gone back, first day. Right at the beginning of my shift, I was told to go on break. I was making a meatball sub, trying to remember how to make them (in reality, I don’t remember the Lizard having meatball subs). I asked Pyrka (kitchen manager) if I had it right. Before I finished making it, Scott (also kitchen manager, working the grill), looked at me and said “Oh, shit…”. I looked at him and could tell it was getting busy back there, asked something like “Need me back there?”, and he nodded. I finished preparing my food, didn’t take a bite, put it in a fridge for break food (this didn’t exist while I was there, was where the ice machine was). Wondered if someone was going to eat my sub, and if I was going to be able to get a real break later. Went back to the kitchen, saw the salad station (back by the pizza station) had a lot of tickets and the cook there (Kristen Bickel I think) was in the weeds on the pizza station. I glanced at it, determined she was doing well enough there, then started pulling tickets from the end of a long string at salads. They were all reading weird things like “Viewfinder” and some computery sounding gobbledygook. I pulled more and more, wondering if it was just some messages from some printer procedure, hoping I would get to real tickets soon, but I didn’t. The string of tickets attached to the printer was super long and getting longer. I woke up just as I was preparing to ask what was going on with the printer.