After a recent OS and Firefox update, I found myself with a window with 120+ empty tabs in place of several hundred non-empty tabs that I’ve built up over the years. I thought they were gone. Luckily, the Tab Groups plugin that I use (formerly built into the browser) automatically backs up the tabs when it is updated, which had happened 6 days before. I was able to recover 465 tabs. Yes, I have a tab problem. I find articles daily, and often don’t have the time to read through them right away, so I save them. I leave open pages I find in searching for solutions to problems I’m not yet ready to solve. I’m trying to read through or bookmark tabs over time, but I think I’m adding faster than subtracting. I must say, Firefox was super fast with 465 less tabs, and I would feel less scattered if I got them under control, so I will try to put more effort into reduction. I think a better bookmarking system would help a lot with that.