Farewell Adium?

Apparently, AOL Instant Messenger is changing their authentication method, which will break support for some existing clients. Adium is among them, and since it hasn’t been updated in a year, this might be the end, at least for my use of it, since that’s the only service I use it with. I’ve used AIM since what must’ve been pretty close to the beginning (1997) and likely switched to Adium shortly after its beginning (2001). Currently, though, I only use them for work, and there was a long stint of me not really using them at all. I hope an update is released, but I don’t see any signs of development activity. It will be somewhat sad to see the friendly duck and its quacking message alert go. Pidgin has a Mac client now, which I may have to switch to. Last time I tried it though, there were many features absent that I really like in Adium, such as its configuration of events and appearance, and text to speech.