It is official: I am a home-owner. I got the keys today and was able to visit the house for the first time with it being mine. It feels different now that it is mine. Exciting. Big. Work. Potential.

Paperwork went quite fast. The documents were much shorter than I was expecting after hearing some other people talk about it.

I got the keys much later than I was expecting. I was thinking I would get them right at closing, but I didn’t get them until almost the end of the workday. Though I was planning on taking off work, I ended up working much of the day. I didn’t get nearly as much done on the house / move as I hoped. I feel pretty warn from what I did do. This may be a rough 10 days. I may have to take things a little easier than I was planning.

What I did:
– surveyed the situation, a little planning
– bought new locks
– a brief look at the electrical situation
– pulled carpet in the bedrooms
– moved a carload of stuff
– started an ozone generator (hopefully will get rid of some smells around the house and in the fridge)

I had agreed to take some furniture from the seller, but they left some furniture I didn’t want. They also left various other things around the house. I will be able to find a use for some of it and can either sell or donate much of the rest. They did leave a large pile of junk at the curb. I’m going to have to make sure the trash service will take it.