Took off work today to work on the house. Stuff sure takes a while. Today’s tasks were primarily replacing the door locks and working on floors. I had the help of my dad for most of the day.

For the locks, I spend like $170 on three matched knob and deadbolt combos. I went with bronze knobs because the bronze looked cool. My dad recommended getting something better than the cheap ones and it was quite a jump from cheap to the next tier. For some reason they don’t sell multi-packs of them. Hence $170 instead of $108 for the next step down.

We had some trouble with two of the deadbolts not working or being tight. We had to fight an incredibly strong screw that was sticking into the hole for one. The other was just not lined up right and will need some further work in the future.

We pulled the rest of the carpet, then focused on cleaning up the floors in two rooms. We got the tack strips and staples and swept and mopped them. Since there was some gunk spots all over the floors, I hand scrubbed them. I also did a second mopping because they were so dirty. It took hours and that was only like half the wood, though I got most of the worst parts.

I’m very happy to say that the wood floors look pretty good except for some spots here and there, mainly in the living room. We aren’t going to need to resurface, though we may sand and varnish a few spots. That’s much less work needed than we were worried there might be.

I also transported the first load of my compost heap. To transport it in my car, I’m using one of those 20 gallon plastic tubs so I don’t make a mess. I’m guessing it will be five trips. Not sure where to locate the heap at the new house. The back yard isn’t that big and is very visible to the neighbors besides for behind my garage. That’s where I dumped it for now.

I’m feeling pretty warn out. I only partially finished loading my car for tomorrow.