This past weekend was pretty much all house related. There was a van to move furniture in addition to the usual moving stuff and cleaning.

Friday night

I stopped at the house to do a bit of cleaning and moving stuff out of the way for bringing in furniture. I then headed home and spent hours staging furniture so that it would be easy to grab the next day. As I was going, I packed slightly more than a car load of other stuff. I got to sleep at like 3 AM.


Woke up at like 7:45. Finished loading the car, including grabbing a bin full of compost. Got breakfast on the go at Dunkin Donuts. Went to my brother’s old house. Helped him (with Tiffany and my Dad) move some of his stuff to a storage unit. Helped him move some stuff to his house. Moved some of his (former) stuff and some of my stuff I had left there to my new house. Moved furniture from my old house to my new house. There is now a ton of furniture, not set up. Did a bit of cleaning, then went home.


Took a load of wood, compost, and garage stuff to new house. Talked to neighbor, who said something about the development the house is in being “grandfathered in”, seeming to suggest some sort of shared management of yards. I will have to look into this. I don’t really like the sound of it and haven’t heard of that. Spent much of the day cleaning a closet and the bathroom. Cleaning every surface, crevice, thing to remove any trace of the former tenant takes forever. Used the washer and dryer for the first time. They’re pretty nice. Went home, ate and took a nap, then loaded up the car again. Decided I wanted to sleep at the new house for the first time, so I headed back. Air makes me cough, so I bought a new furnace filter and HEPA filter.