GiveCamp is almost here again. Taking off a half day tomorrow to pack, prepare, and hopefully make it there on time.

Plenty of things waiting to get done around the house, etc., but they’ll have to wait a little longer.

This year I decided to make a separate, non-admin user account on my laptop just for GiveCamp. Won’t have to worry as much about my personal stuff getting messed up or in the way while working there. I downloaded my dotfiles and did some other preference setting and what not to hopefully make it as comfortable as usual. I think last year I may have used a guest account, but it wasn’t set up nicely and was a bit of a hassle.

I still haven’t fixed my tent that broke at last years GiveCamp, so I’ll have to take my big tent. More comfortable anyways. There’s supposed to be rain and thunderstorms most of the weekend though. Hopefully the tent stands up to it and I don’t end up wet or evacuating.