GiveCamp 2017 day 1

Day 1 of GiveCamp done. Really hot. The air conditioning was out in the airport and it really heated up in there.

My project this year is for the International Women’s Air & Space Museum. The minimum project was pretty easy and we’re basically done with it already. They needed to merge some content from another website into their main site and tweak some existing content. Not a lot of coding involved.

There are some additional tasks we have available to take on, one of which could be a big one. We could rebuild their online store on a different platform, WooCommerce. I’ve heard of it but never worked with it. Might be interesting to learn.

I’m sitting in my tent now. It’s hot, but luckily cooling and a breeze is helping too. The rest of the weekend is supposed to be rainy. Hopefully not too bad.