GiveCamp 2017 final day

Finished GiveCamp on Sunday. We continued working mostly on the site that will eventually replace IWASM’s current site.

One of the developers we lost Saturday to another group came back to us for the full day. We also had some helpers for the redirect from the old Harriet Quimby site to the new pages and for some questions.

It was decided that it would be better to use a theme that was already responsive instead of hacking it onto Twenty Ten. We tried Twenty Twelve, but determined it didn’t fit their needs well enough. After deciding that any theme with declared WooCommerce support would do, they settled on Unite. I think they ended up liking it better than their current theme.

There were only a handful of tweaks to the theme styles to make it look better for them. The new theme didn’t allow the same footer and sidebar setup, so we rearranged things to accommodate that. I spent a fair amount of time just improving the markup, styles, and appearance of their Amazon Smiles box. I think the new site looks cleaner and less cluttered than the current site. We probably could’ve improved it more if we had a designer on board.

The other developer and the clients added more products to the store and figured out how it works. The developer did some tweaks to improve things or fix some problems.

The day was relatively relaxed. I certainly could’ve found other things to fix, but I kind of took it easy for the last hour or two. It would’ve been nice to fix the markup of the image links at the top of some of the pages, but I would’ve had to edit them on each page, and I don’t think I had it in me at that point.

The closing presentation seemed to go pretty quickly this year. I wasn’t feeling too tired this time. It’s cool to see all the results. I always feel like I want to know more about what each project did, but also wouldn’t want to sit there for much longer by the end of the presentation.

All the projects did get finished. I had been hearing some were struggling, but they managed in the end.

The rest of the evening after the event was mostly spent relaxing and recovering.