On my Friday commute home from work, it suddenly began to rain and bluster. The bluster was enough that I saw occasional sticks fall from trees and was wondering if I should park temporarily.

I was going along a stretch of road with some stick debris, avoiding that, when suddenly an electric buzz and a shower of sparks came flying from the opposite side of the road. I could swear I felt an energy from that direction and felt a vibration in my tires like a rumble strip as the sparks flew, though the latter may have just been sticks on the road. I slowed a bit and looked in my mirror at the now passed shower of sparks. It lasted maybe a couple of seconds. Then several seconds later, it happened again. I got a slightly better look and saw the huge plume of sparks coming from the region of a transformer on an electric pole and some wires going through tree branches.

The traffic light I was approaching was out. I stopped at the intersection a little extra long, wondering what was going on and part of me wanting to go take a closer look. Everyone else was stopped, waiting as well, so I went, continuing on my journey.

A large pile of stick debris was on the road not long after, forcing me to go almost off the road to pass. I saw several other downed branches and one downed tree on the way home.

Luckily, at home, there were no noticeable downed branches or other wind damage. The power had gone out at some point, but was on and stayed on when I got there.