I’m pretty happy that after buying a low flush toilet, I’ve used only one unit of water on my past two water bills. Before that, I had used two or three every time except the first, which was a partial month. I’m certain the old toilet I had used a lot of water per flush, and it’s possible that it also leaked.

This comes several months after they started raising the rates to pay for upgrades (Akron Waterways Renewed, etc). One unit now means $40 a month for water + sewer + trash, comparable to what two used to be, but it’s definitely better than the $54-$67 I paid the months before the toilet switch.

Due to the imprecision of the units, I’m not sure if I’m actually using less or more than one unit. If it’s more, than I’ll probably have an occasional two unit month. If it’s less, maybe I’d get an occasional zero. Not sure if they allow that though. Here’s hoping.