I played a game of Small World with myself. Basically, I played as both players on the two player map. It was interesting.

With other people, I tend to think through the other players’ best options anyway. By myself, I get to spend as much time as I want thinking about it and then can play it out.

It could be a little hard sometimes to keep track of where I was, such as who’s turn it was or if I’d already payed someone, but I think I got it under control.

Obviously, it’s missing the social aspect, but it’s hard for me to get people together to play it these days.

I found myself more willing to attack, since it was just myself. I had quite a bit of battling back and forth going on pretty much all the way through.

I beat myself 110 to 82. I made some pretty good decisions with the one side and some mediocre decisions with the other.

The losing side had:

  1. Fortified halflings
  2. Hill sorcerers

The winning side had:

  1. Commando humans
  2. Spirit amazons
  3. Swamp tritons