I’m disappointed with the NBA finals outcome. Lebron’s performance was great most of the way through, and the rest of the team contributed, but not enough for the powerful Warrior’s team.

I was hoping the Cavs would at least get a couple games. Of course, they pretty much won game 1, but were thwarted to a large degree by some poor officiating and an airheaded JR Smith move.

The non-Lebron Cavs struggled to find any consistency on offense, all season really but probably more-so in the playoffs. It was rare to get 20+ from any of them, and even the several players that could normally be counted on for 10+ struggled to get that.

It’s disappointing to see the greatness of Lebron hindered by a weak / struggling team. I worry that it’s hurting his career / legacy, but it does speak to his greatness, being able to get the numbers and results he does without the level of support some other great players have. He had an amazing year, perhaps his best, from a box score and records perspective.

The team does have potential, with the youth of some of the players and the lack of time the team has had together with much of the roster. Given the same roster next year, I would guess they’d be better. But I think to make it to a finals win, they’d need another star.

I like Nance’s connection to the area and team. I like Lebron’s connection as well. I don’t think I’d be as interested in watching if it weren’t for that. I didn’t pay much attention while he was in Miami.