Yesterday, I went to the Star Wars performance by the Cleveland Orchestra. They played so well that it was easy to forget they were playing at all and get engrossed in the film.

I went with my brother, Tiffany, a coworker of my brother, and his son. We went early, got a good spot, and had a picnic on the hill with pulled pork sandwiches, cheese and vegetable trays, and cookies, prepared by Tiffany. It was good. We also played most of a game of Yahtzee before the show cut us off.

The audio of the film was a bit loud, and it was boomy at times to the point where it was hard to make out some words. The screens were slightly washed out and it was hard to make things out in dark scenes. Neither problem was that bad, especially since I’ve seen the film enough times.

I was a little disappointed they didn’t look like they played the cantina scene. They had done so in a previous concert, I believe a general sci-fi music one.

The lines to the restroom at intermission were really long. I made it back to my seat just as the second half started. It was really hard to find our spot among all the people. Luckily, a guy nearby had a particular set of balloons that got me close.

Afterwards, there were fireworks. A nice show to cap the evening.