This afternoon, I heard thunder and saw some dark clouds to the north, but didn’t get a drop of rain. Driving to my parents, there was tree debris on the roads, some police activity, and a couple branches down off the side of the road.

After eating dinner at my parents, it started raining, then got super windy. I don’t think I’ve seen it that windy there before. The small trees in my parents front were bending almost sideways. My dad said a large leaf covered branch broke from a tall tree in the back and blew all the way across the yard.

The power went out, flickered on a couple times, then went out for good. We heard maybe three loud electric humming noises lasting maybe 5-10 seconds each. We later went out and saw police at the end of the road and police tape blocking the only way out. There was a downed wire across the street. A tree had fallen across it in the yard of my parents’ neighbor. Since we couldn’t leave, we were stuck there for maybe a couple hours.

We picked up some mostly small fallen branches in my parents’ yard and the road. Luckily nothing else was damaged.

We turned on lanterns and talked for a while. Then me, my brother, and Tiffany played a game of Yahtzee. It made up for our unfinished game yesterday.

I luckily had no downed branches in my yard.