Last Friday, I went to the Indians game with my dad. They lost, but came close with a rally at the end. The stadium was excited, loud.

They would’ve tied it if the first base umpire hadn’t blown a call on a play at the plate, all else being equal. The ump called the other team’s runner safe when the pitcher clearly had the ball and touched the plate well before the batter turned runner touched it. We were near first and could see it when it happened, and then saw it clearly on the big screen when they replayed it. The crowd booed quite loudly. I’m not sure why the Indians didn’t challenge it, or why they challenged the next play where that same guy stole second and clearly made it. Maybe they weren’t allowed to challenge the one play so they passively-aggressively challenged the next? Anyway, the guy went on to score their final point, which they won by.