Game night with my brother, Tiffany, Paul, and Vince.

Show Paul and Vince my house for the first time.

We played Oregon Trail (the card game). It was long and challenging, and we didn’t make it, though I think we came within four trail cards. The directions were a bit confusing, but I think we mostly figured it out. I’d say it was pretty good.

We played Goldeneye (the shooter game). I did terribly at it. I’ve never been good at FPS, and struggled with the controls, moving around, figuring out where I was going and where other people were, and with any success. I got like four kills the whole night, when we were playing to five kills per game and probably five games. My brother got frustrated and ducked out after a few games, but he was more successful than me.

I borrowed my brother’s 32″ TV, much bigger than my 24″ one. I may buy it off him.