This weekend, I did some roofing repair on the roof of the patio attached to my garage. There was water getting into the ceiling of the patio, primarily right by the gutter, and causing it to rot away. I wanted to get it taken care of before the winter, so I had my dad help me figure out what needed done and knock it out. We:

  • cleaned things up
  • removed the rotted “soffit” (still needs replaced)
  • tore off the bottom three feet of shingle
  • installed a new drip edge over the old one
  • installed roll on roofing, sliding the top edge underneath the existing shingle

We went with the roll on roofing because the roof is 2″ drop for 12″ horizontal, making it low slope. The previous shingles had problems of blowing up in wind near the gutter. Hopefully the roll on doesn’t have that problem or problems with water. It doesn’t look as nice as shingle, but looks better than I was thinking at first.

It was tiring, time consuming, and messy just for that small amount of roof. I can imagine a full sized roof really being a lot.