Had a game night with my brother, playing Nobunaga’s Ambition (the SNES version). We had played it quite a bit in the past, but it had probably been a good decade for either of us until recently when I played a couple games after hearing my cousin started playing it again.

My first two games I was able to survive but didn’t have any success expanding. Tonight both me and my brother were able to expand (I have 3 territories, him 4) and get to a point where it wasn’t too much trouble building up troops for attacks every few years or less.

Our cousin recently found someone suggesting to raise taxes to 100%, and it worked well for him. We didn’t try that, but we did go up around 55% right away, and my brother went in the 60s later. It really makes a huge difference in the income and thus how quickly we could move. I think in the past we were reluctant to raise it high because it seemed unfair.

The game always takes a long time to play. Tonight we didn’t even finish a single game before it got pretty late and we had to save and call it quits for the night. Hopefully we can get back to it while we still remember what’s happening.