Server upgrade: Ubuntu 18.04

I’ve finally updated my server to Ubuntu 18.04 using do-release-upgrade. It took some time to run the upgrade, modify and test my ansible configuration to work properly, and fix various issues. Things seem to be working fine now. There aren’t really any noticeable differences so far, but I do have new software version and am one step closer to http 2 and Symfony 4.

I was hoping with the upgraded version of Apache that I’d have http 2 enabled, but it isn’t enabled by default. It looks like it might require some work to get working, such as using php-fpm instead of mod_php. I will have to look at the implications of that.

I get a new version of PHP (7.2), which will finally allow me to use Symfony 4. I was disappointed that they required PHP 7.1 five months before stable Ubuntu even had it. I thought some of the changes to Symfony 4 looked cool even as they were being discussed leading up to its release, particularly the directory structure and other simplifications. It does seem a bit confusing though with flex, especially updating an existing project.