Darn. Cracked my phone screen. I’ve had this phone for 4-5 years and barely had a scratch on the screen with no screen protector. I’ve dropped it countless times. Beyond that, I don’t think I’ve ever cracked a phone screen before, and certainly not a smart-phone.

It fell from my shirt pocket as I was bending over to pick something up. It wasn’t that far and was onto a wood floor. But it hit on the top corner, and must’ve been at just the right angle.

The spider-web style cracks are mostly in the top quarter of the screen, but are pretty deep, especially at the very corner. The phone functions fine, but the cracks are pretty visible where they are, and very noticeable when touching. I’ve heard these cracked screens can give little splinters, so I’m touching carefully.

So now I have to decide what I want to do. I could buy a screen protector and live with it for a while, or look into getting a new phone.

I was planning for my next phone to be the Librem 5, but that isn’t released until April. That’s kind of long to wait, but kind of short to buy a different phone now and then buy it when it comes out.